Do you have a gospel bluegrass song for radio airplay?

At present, Walkin' on Water airs on as many as 80 radio stations around the world (click here for a partial listing of radio stations), and if you are a bluegrass artist with gospel material, we'd love to preview your music with the goal of sharing it with our listeners. You can provide us with digital copies for download by emailing us at info [at] wowrec [dot] com, and you can also mail us copies on CD at:


Walkin' on Water

10211 N. 32nd Street, Suite E1

Phoenix, AZ 85028


All digital formats are acceptable, and your song does not have to be commercially produced to be suitable for airplay. What we look for in a song is quite simple: a pleasing melody, lyrics that convey a message about the gospel, and a radio suitable performance.


If we play your song and you would like a quote for promo purposes, just ask - we love to talk (and write) about gospel bluegrass music!