Air Walkin' on Water on your radio station


Walkin’ on Water Radio is a Christian radio ministry, focusing on small market and non-profit stations in need of quality programming at no cost.

We try to stay about 4 weeks ahead with our production so that our fully automated affiliates can program us into their monthly rotation.

Format (clock)

Our format was developed working closely with station manager Elvin Vence, of WTRL-FM 95.1 in Vonore, Tennessee. After discussing different models, we have created a 3- track program with a total running time of 58:40:

     Track 1: 26:50

     Track 2: 5:00

     Track 3: 26:50

        Total: 58:40

This is based on a radio clock which provides for a station break and brief announcements at the top of the hour. If more time is needed, optional track two may be deleted, providing for a total running time of 53:40:

     Track 1: 26:50

     Track 3: 26:50

        Total: 53:40

For continuity purposes, we have formatted the show to run with or without track two so that your listeners will not notice the deletion.


Our preferred method of delivery is to provide you with a link to an online file sharing data base, where you may download each show as they are posted weekly (at this time shows are posted Friday mornings). A variety of digital file formats are supported, with ADPCM and mp3 being the most common. If you do not have download capability, please contact us for other options 

Signing up

Please use the contact page to for any questions you may have. There is no charge for airing our program. There is a written fact sheet, which provides us with your station information, as well as times you air the show, etc.

What if our format doesn’t fit your needs?

If you are interested in carrying Walkin' on Water but cannot accomodate our format due to the runtimes, please let us know how we can help; each show is produced weekly and if minor modifications will make it work for you we will try and accomodate you.