Intermediate Tabs


Some of these arrangements are quite simple but they use more complex picking patterns and greater use of the thumb than the beginner tabs - you will notice the thumb often ranges from the 5th string to the 2nd string, depending on where the melody line is. You can always substitute a different fingering to simplify things, but as your playing progresses your thumb becomes the most important factor in making the melody stand out for listeners.

In addition to using the thumb to accent melody notes, one other melody enhancement technique you will see is the use of rests following melody notes as another way to make them stand out.

Clicking on the song title will open a screen with links to the tablature in pdf format and the streamed audio for that song.

All of the songs are sacred except the bonus tab G Blues for Mike C, named for an early frequent visitor to this website. It is a simple banjo blues tune that actually sounds bluesy, unlike many banjo "blues" songs out there