For Immediate Release

Walkin' on Water Records announces that Walkin' on Water, the weekly gospel bluegrass radio show hosted by Tom Macomber, is now carried by the 70 affiliated radio stations of the LifeTalk Radio network.

Walkin' on Water airs over LifeTalk Radio Sunday evenings at 11:00 Eastern/8:00 Pacific Time. It is streamed at the same time on LifeTalk's website at

The goal of Walkin' on Water is to introduce gospel bluegrass music to new markets while promoting the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Each hour-long show features approximately 20 cutting edge gospel bluegrass songs, highlights a past or present bluegrass artist, band or song, and includes a brief devotional thought.

Walkin' on Water is an independent radio ministry and is non-denominational; Walkin' on Water continues to be available free to independent radio stations seeking to provide quality gospel bluegrass programming for its listeners.

Slogan: Gospel bluegrass music, spirited and Spirit Led